We would like to thank our friends…

Without our dearest friends and family it would never have been possible to make such a nice app. Therefore, we would like to thank the following people for their patience, cooperation, dedication and their believe in us.

Joan Lindhout a.k.a. Yoan
for being so awesome to build our website(s).

Robert Jahns aka nois7
for lending us some of his facinating pictures so we could have nice screenshots. Follow him as @nois7 on Instagram.

Steph and his dogs Gus & Travis
for also lending us some of his very cool photos of his balancing dogs. Follow him as @ifitwags on Instagram.

Dirk Bakker aka Macenzo
for lending us a tiny bit of one of his awesome pattern photos. Follow him as @macenzo on Instagram.

Our friends from Notificare
for letting us use their platform for smart notifications.

Our friends and family
for still loving us after all the nights an weekends we spend working on our app.

Uncle Steve (Jobs)
for inventing the App Store.