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All the photos and videos you’ve liked on one single
timeline. Add labels to find them all back later, and
follow others to discover new interesting content.
All with Favolane.

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Favolane app - Discover your favorites Favolane app - Discover your favorites

Working with: Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube

Favolane app Photography: @eljackson on Instagram

All your favorite photos and videos on one single timeline

Have you ever had that moment that you wanted to show an awesome video you saw on Facebook to your friends at the bar, but couldn’t find it back? Or that you were browsing through your timeline for a photo that you liked, to use it in a presentation?

With Favolane you have all of your favorite photos and videos from different social networks on one single timeline. No more switching from platform to platform to find that one cute baby koala video! You can also add labels to your likes to easily find them back later.

Discover new favorites

Wouldn’t it be nice to follow the likes of other people to discover new awesome photos and videos? Without switching from platform to platform?

With Favolane you can follow other users who share their likes from Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube. Follow them, discover new interesting photos and videos and like them too!